Menzerna Labelling relaunched

Unmistakable relaunched

New year – new bottle. From mid 2014, Menzerna polishes have been redesigned for easy identification and use.

The 250 ml and 1l bottles are being given a smart facelift and will be more user-friendly. With their unmistakable and modern form, the new bottles reinforce the originality and recognition factor of the Menzerna brand.

However, good design is not an end in itself; it must also prove its worth in everyday situations. The new bottles are slimmer and are therefore easier to hold in the hand. The push-pull cap, which replaces the previous rocker lever cap, blends harmoniously with the lines of the bottle. It prevents the opening becoming clogged with dried polish residue. An obtuse angle prevents the cap from causing scratches if it comes into contact with the paint surface.

How do you like the new Menzerna bottle?