Polishing Training

At Car Care Products we have years of experience of polishing automotive paintwork to the highest standards, and we understand Menzerna Polishes very well. We can help you make your finishing, polishing and detailing operations efficient and effective.

Short demonstrations are available to briefly introduce you to the products and their potential, however our real value comes in the form of full hands-on training for your operation. We discuss what you currently do, what you are looking to achieve or improve on and then work through a process of accomplishing this.

These hands-on programs usually last 1-2 days and are completely bespoke to your company, they feature one of our highly experienced instructors who will offer practical guidance on polishing techniques to a maximum of 3 people at one time so intensive progress can be made within the course. We structure the training to suit your operating methods and with proven success, we feel we can add value to any commercial operation.

For more information and to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.