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Menzerna know which materials make the right formulation for any type of surface.

Automobile manufacturers, OEM companies, Body Shops and Car Detailers rely on Menzerna when it comes to the polishing of automotive paints and trim parts of car interior.

Whether it is small imperfections within the paint, or a complete polish to restore weathered finishes – Menzerna has the polishing solution.

Small imperfections and overspray in paint need to be eliminated fast, but without visible residues. Whether it is for modern hard paint finishes or softer older paint systems, Menzerna has the polish system to provide a clean, swirl-free finish for the automotive industry.

Body Shop professionals and Detailers need fast options and cost effective polishes to eliminate sanding marks, paint blemishes and signs of wear and tear. The Menzerna line of polishes is a product of our long standing experience with polishing processes in the automobile industry. In conjunction with Menzerna polishing pads, they form a consistent system for paint defect repair that provides what demanding professionals ask for: Quality, Consistency and Speed.

And lastly a more specialised automotive application is polishing coated interior parts, which a number of modern cars now have that show signs of weathering very quickly. Menzerna’s polishing system offers polishes which finish down super-fine and produce the perfect result on these sensitive surfaces.