Polishing – PF2400

Menzerna Medium Cut PF2400

Utilising the very latest in abrasive technologies PF2400 is the perfect medium polish for all paint types. When refinishing / respraying PF2400 can used after FG400 to remove any compounding swirls or holograms or if you are de-nibbing using 3000 or 5000 grit abrasive pads PF2400 can be one step option.

On new cars and cured OE paints in good condition, PF2400 provides a pad dependant abrasive level which can provide one step correction and gloss on all but the most demanding of jobs.

100% silicone free – and safe for body shops.

PF2400 also features:

    • No Silicone.
  • No Fillers.
  • Easy wipe off and clean up.
  • Low dusting.
  • Works with wool or foam pads.


Available in 250ml retail and 1000ml trade sizes online to purchase.