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Menzerna Company


With more than 125 years of experience, the company “menzerna polishing compounds” is among the leading specialists in the development and production of polishing products for industry and trades. Ultra-modern methods and technologies result in high-end, innovative products “Made in Germany” for a wide variety of polishing applications.

The midsize company based in Ötigheim, Baden-Württemberg has more than 50 employees around the world. Menzerna provides training in all the company’s fields of activity, thereby ensuring a supply of qualified, skilled workers for the future.

A worldwide network of branches and specialist distributors supports an export quota of 70 percent, with the USA and China as the leading export markets.

Most of the 200 polish formulations are less than 5 years old, Menzerna therefore has an innovative and effective product range covering all aspects of industrial polishing. In addition to automotive polishes for vehicle treatment, vehicle coating and the OEM segment, the selection also includes polishing emulsions and solid pastes for use in fully automated polishing systems.

With polishing systems developed specially for vehicle treatment and coating, the polishing expert offers suitable product packages and guarantees consistent, high-quality results for a wide variety of applications.

Numerous automobile manufacturers trust Menzerna and have approved the products of the midsize enterprise from Baden for use in their plants.

Next to automotive clear coats, additional fields of application for Menzerna products include furniture and musical instruments, watches and jewellery, sanitary fixtures, household goods and consumer electronics.

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