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Menzerna Training Equals Profit

Good-quality, industry relevant training is essential for any business to grow and keep up with the latest refinishing technologies.

Menzerna’s Training Equal Profit article covers just a few aspects in the refinishing industry such as; proper staff training & development, higher productivity,  and reducing re-work..

Read the full article in January/February’s issue of Paint & Panel Magazine.Paint & Panel trimmed training


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The Menzerna product range includes polishing emulsions Emulsions, solid pastes and polishes.

Menzerna formulations are designed to perform whether applied by hand, with power tools or in a fully automatic fashion. Menzerna compounds are used where perfect and fast polishing is required.

All products are divided into color codes. Each color represents individual stages of polishing steps, thus making it easy to find the

right product for your application.

Menzerna features in Paint and Panel

This month Car Care Products – the exclusive authorised distributor for Menzerna, released their new Product Brochure and as part of the launch a copy was found in every copy of Paint and Panel, one of the industries leading magazines.

The new brochure is designed to highlight the Menzerna range available in Australia and provide information on the products and advantages of this high quality German Polishing System

Paint & Panel Menzerna

New Bottles for Menzerna

Unmistakable relaunched

New year – new bottle. From 2014, Menzerna polishes will be available in new bottles.
The 250 ml, 500 ml and 1l containers are being given a smart facelift and will be more user-friendly. With their unmistakable and modern form, the new bottles reinforce the originality and recognition factor of the Menzerna brand.
However, good design is not an end in itself; it must also prove its worth in everyday situations. The new bottles are slimmer and are therefore easier to hold in the hand. The push-pull cap, which replaces the previous rocker lever cap, blends harmoniously with the lines of the bottle. It prevents the opening becoming clogged with dried polish residue. An obtuse angle prevents the cap from causing scratches if it comes into contact with the paint surface.

How do you like the new Menzerna bottle?