Menzerna Power Lock

Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant offers over 6 months protection in our hot Australian Climate leaving your car incredibly glossy with a wet look finish and most importantly protected against the environmental elements to help provide easy on-going maintenance and that new car look.

Power Lock Paint Protection Sealant is silicone free, can be applied by hand in your own garage or on a finishing pad on a dual action polisher.

You can purchase this direct online from Car Care Products or from your closest Menzerna reseller.

150mm Menzerna Pads Available Soon

Four new Menzerna Premium Pads with different degrees of hardness suited to the Menzerna Polishing System for both Rotary and Dual Action Eccentric Polisher Machines.


Removes scratches, sanding marks and surface defects in combination with Menzerna Heavy Cut polishes. The special composition of the polishing foam with a heavy cut enhances the effect of the Menzerna high-performance polishes and delivers end results reliably in the shortest time

red pad


Removes light scratches, holograms and surface defects in combination with Menzerna Medium Cut polishes. The special composition of the foam mixture ensures a perfect cut and produces a brilliant gloss.

yellow pad


Removes holograms and streaks in combination with Menzerna Finish polishes, and prevents clouding. The especially formulated polishing foam reliably supports the best performance of the Menzerna finishes. Guarantees a brilliant, deep gloss and a perfect show car finish.

green pad


Ensures straightforward and even application of the Menzerna sealing products. Perfect, long-lasting protection for polished surfaces.

blue pad

New Menzerna 3 in 1

“3 in 1”: One shot – three hits

"3 in 1" polish from Menzerna The new “3 in 1” polish from Menzerna is unique in the world, fulfilling three wishes at once: Cut, gloss and protection. Menzerna is the first to succeed in harmonising the active ingredients of three different products so that “3 in 1” offers full performance where three polishes were previously required. “3 in 1” is a polish that removes 3000 grit sanding marks, guarantees a perfect high-gloss finish and seals the coating to repel dirt.

 Menzerna “3 in 1” covers the entire polishing process. Thanks to its ease of application and time savings, this polish is a true innovation and a highlight for professionals and polishing newcomers alike.This all-rounder is also 100 percent silicone-free, which means that painting over it does not present a problem.

“3 in 1” is suitable for Dual Action Random Orbital Polishers, Forced Rotation and Rotary Buffers with polishing pads or manually by hand with a microfibre / foam applicator.

The polish is available in a 1 litre bottle